What is ADSL Broadband? The ADSL Broadband experience. What is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Broadband?

What is ADSL broadband?

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What is ADSL broadband?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the most common way of receiving broadband. ADSL is the generic term for a technology that allows large amounts of digital information to be sent over an ordinary copper telephone line, your standard BT phone line.

It is asymmetric because it allows information to be downloaded more quickly than information is uploaded. This makes it particularly suitable for Internet surfing and for downloading files, music, movies and other clips.

The ADSL (broadband) experience

Broadband speeds up your connection to the Internet enabling you to do all your favourite things faster. Standard broadband is up to 160 times faster (8Mbps) than your current dial-up connection.

From as little as 9.75 a month you could get fast internet and email access inclusive of a free modem and free connection.

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