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Business Broadband

There are hundreds of broadband providers in the UK offering thousands of packages. Let Broadband Essentials help you choose the right one to suit your requirements...

The key to business broadband is contention ratio. The lower the contention ratio the fewer other users sharing your line. This is the main reason business broadband is more expensive than home broadband.

Home broadband packages usually have a contention ratio of 50:1 whereas business broadband usually has a contention ratio of 20:1

All of these broadband packages are designed for business use.

Business Broadband packages

BT Business Broadband

BT Office Broadband

BT Office Unlimited Broadband

BT Advance Broadband

BT Advance Support Broadband

BT Office Broadband & Phone

BT Office Unlimited Broadband & Phone

BT Advance Broadband & Phone

BT Advance Support Broadband & Phone

Eclipse Business Broadband

Eclipse Home Office Broadband

Eclipse Business Bronze Broadband

Eclipse Business Silver Broadband

Eclipse Business Gold Broadband

Eclipse Business Fibre Broadband

Eclipse Business Fibre Broadband

Eclipse Business Fibre Pro Broadband

Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet Business Option 1 Broadband

Plusnet Business Option 2 Broadband

Plusnet Business Option 3 Broadband

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