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Cheap Broadband

A Guide to Finding the Cheapest Broadband Deals

With so many broadband deals on offer, and an increase in consumer awareness about their requirements for broadband, it makes sense now to opt for the cheapest comparable broadband deal available.

Cheap broadband deals are now readily available as the providers compete to offer the cheapest broadband deals available on the market. Many providers will even offer free broadband as part of a bundle of services. Use a free broadband comparison tool to help find the cheapest deal that is suitable for you.

To make the offers more appealing many companies are offing consumers free rewards from signing up. This ranges from a free period of service, to vouchers, to tablets. Shop around and find the deal best suited to you.

With some packages, you don’t have to pay anything for broadband for upto 12 months. Note that there are still line rental charges that will be due.

Remember to forecast ahead as once the free period runs out you will need to pay the increased price.

Taking out cheap broadband deal is a really good way to ensure you have access online while you figure out what your broadband needs are. Once you have a deal with a provider you can upgrade to suit your needs at a later date. Note that should you want to downgrade your broadband package you will most likely have to wait until the end of the contract. A good reason to take the cheapest deal and increase as you need.

What types of broadband are on offer when looking for cheapest broadband deals?

What broadband is available to you is dependent on where in the country you live and what providers operate in that region. How you use the internet will determine what deal you should buy.

ADSL broadband connection:

ADSL works over the same cable line that is used to provide telephone service. ADSL will not disrupt your telephone calls if both are used at the same time.

There is approximately 99% coverage available across the UK

Fibre optic broadband:

Arguably the most popular option as the availability increases, however it is not available everywhere. Fibre optic broadband is faster than other types of broadband and is required for ‘heavy users’. Anyone using streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime should consider fibre optic broadband when choosing their provider.

Cable broadband:

Cable broadband uses the same cables as a cable TV packages, offering a similar speed to a DSL connection and are useful for those living in areas where the landline phone wiring is badly done or inaccessible.

Mobile broadband (3G or 4G):

Nowadays many people use their mobiles inbuilt 3g or 4g to access the internet. Some phone users can even use their phones as personal hotspots to connect other devices to the internet. Other types of 3g and 4g connection are through the use of dongles. These can be very handy if travelling or as a backup option.

Use the comparison tool at to find the cheapest broadband deal that is right for you.

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Broadband Essentials has researched the broadband marketplace to bring you the best broadband deals around. There are a huge variety of broadband deals and services available so use our compare broadband provider service to find the one most suitable for you.

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There is no charge for using any of our services. However, some broadband providers do charge a set up fee. All of the costs involved for a particular broadband service are set out clearly and simply when using our compare broadband provider service.

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Broadband essentials also provides information on a whole range of broadband products and services from ADSL and Cable to Online Gaming. Our Broadband answers page explains the terminology used in the broadband marketplace whilst our Broadband providers section provides a comprehensive breakdown of the packages offered by the main broadband providers.

If you are having problems getting to grips with the technology involved see our Hardware page.

The Broadband experience

Broadband speeds up your connection to the Internet enabling you do all your favourite things faster. Up to 400 times faster (20Mbps) than your current dial-up connection. From as little as £6.49 a month you could get fast internet and email access. This includes a free modem and free connection.

Broadband deals of the week

Plusnet Value Broadband

Plusnet Value Broadband

Standard usage: ADSL

  • from £6.49/month
  • Up to 16Mbps download speed
  • 10GB monthly usage
  • Free wireless router
  • £25 activation fee
  • 12 month contract

Casual web browsing and email use. Great for surfing and streaming. Suitable for music and movies from sites such as iTunes and YouTube.

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Sky Unlimited Broadband

Sky Unlimited Broadband

Standard usage: ADSL

  • for new customers without Sky TV
  • £5/month for first 12 months
  • £10/month thereafter
  • £12.25/month Sky Talk Line Rental
  • Sky Talk Freetime
  • Add Sky Talk Unlimited for £5/month
  • £25 M&S voucher
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Free Sky WiFi N router
  • Inclusive UK evening and weekend calls
  • 24/7 calls to Sky contact centres at no extra cost
  • Includes voicemail
  • No activation fee
  • Free 12 months McAfee Internet Security Suite
  • 12 month contract

Join Sky TV online and receive a £100 M&S voucher.

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Orange Home Broadband & Off Peak Calls

Orange Home Broadband and Off Peak Calls

Standard usage: ADSL

  • £5/month for Orange mobile customers
  • £10/month for non-Orange mobile customers
  • £13.50/month line rental
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Free 'Bright Box' wireless router
  • Free unlimited evening and weekend calls to all UK landlines including 0845 and 0870 numbers
  • £40 M&S voucher
  • No set up or connection fee
  • Free McAfee Family Protection with parental controls
  • 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays
  • 2 for 1 Pizza Express
  • 12 month contract

Get up and running within 10 working days and if you're not happy with it within a month, there'll be no fees to end your contract.

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Primus Saver Phone & Broadband

Primus Saver Phone and Broadband

Standard usage: ADSL

  • £2.99/month
  • £12.79/month line rental
  • Up to 24Mbps download speed
  • 20GB monthly usage allowance
  • Free wireless router
  • Free unlimited evening and weekend calls to all UK landlines
  • Free activation
  • Free technical support
  • 18 month contract

The UK's cheapest line rental provider with UK based customer service!

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O2 Broadband - The Basics

O2 Broadband - The Basics

Standard usage: ADSL

  • £8.50/month for O2 customers of 2+ yrs standing
  • £13.50/month for new customers
  • Up to 16Mbps download speed
  • 20GB monthly usage allowance
  • No set up or connection fee on 12 month contract for O2 customers, otherwise £25.53 for non-O2 customers or £30.63 on a 30 day rolling contract
  • Free G class wireless router
  • 100 Free web texts/month
  • 12 month or 30 day rolling contract

Broadband for everyday surfing and email with O2 Home Broadband. Add O2 Home Phone from £7.50 per month (BT landline required).

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BT Broadband + Evening & Weekend Calls

BT Broadband + Evening and Weekend Calls

Standard usage: ADSL

  • Free for first 6 months
  • £13/month thereafter
  • £10.75/month line rental
  • £50 Sainsbury's Gift Card
  • Up to 16Mbps download speed
  • 10GB monthly usage allowance
  • Free BT Wireless Home Hub
  • Free WiFi minutes
  • Basic security
  • Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and 0845 & 0870 numbers
  • Connection included
  • 18 month contract

Connect to BT quickly with unlimited UK calls at evenings & weekends and up to 16Mb broadband with 10GB monthly usage.

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