Another reason why it’s time to Fix Britain’s Internet

Chris, Manningtree, Essex

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Dido Harding

We've had an intermittent fault on our line for a couple of months now - first we had problems with our landline, and now with the broadband service itself. We've had a couple of Openreach engineers out to look at the problem, but it's still not working properly.

Recently, I noticed there was an Openreach engineer working on the connection box at the end of the street, and asked him what the problem was. He said there was a fault with a circuit board, but he'd been told not to replace it until they'd had more complaints - even though this meant that my neighbours would also be suffering from the same poor service that I am.

This is a classic example of Openreach's lack of investment in infrastructure while on the other hand BT champions itself as a market leader in customer service and quality - and another reason why it's time to Fix Britain's Internet.