Why I’ve signed up to Fix Britain’s Internet

Martin, Cuddington, Cheshire

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We moved into a house on a new build site on the 25th April 2016 and were told we would be connected to the internet on the 26th April. However, the BT Openreach engineers didn’t turn up that day, so since then we’ve been chasing them to find out what’s going on.

It’s frustrating not being able to contact Openreach directly to get our questions answered, especially as my neighbour has already been connected. Some people have now waited over six months for their connections: but the community is aware it’s an Openreach issue rather than provider problem.

We do everything on the internet and not having it has completely disrupted our family life. Moving into a new home should have been an exciting time for us but, thanks to Openreach, it hasn’t been. It’s time to Fix Britain’s Internet.