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Why I’ve Signed Up To Fix Britain’s Internet

Martin, Cuddington, Cheshire


We moved into a house on a new build site on the 25th April 2016 and were told we would be connected to the internet on the 26th April. However, the BT Openreach engineers didn’t turn up that day, so since then we’ve been chasing them to find out what’s going on.

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Another Reason Why It’s Time To Fix Britain’s Internet

Chris, Manningtree, Essex


We've had an intermittent fault on our line for a couple of months now - first we had problems with our landline, and now with the broadband service itself.

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British Farmers Deserve Internet That Is Faster And More Reliable

Aled Evans, Young Farmer, Wales

Farming is one of the most important industries in the UK and yet slow and unreliable internet is a massive issue for those living in rural and farming communities.

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XLN Telecom Signs Up In Support Of Fix Britain’s Internet

XLN Telecom

XLN Telecom has signed up in support of the Fix Britain’s Internet Campaign. Fix Britain’s Internet believes that British businesses have been badly let down by the current system in which Openreach, a BT subsidiary, is responsible for nearly all of the internet installations across Britain, regardless of a customer’s chosen provider.

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PER Joins Fix Britain’s Internet Campaign

Private Equity Recruitment (PER), London

Private Equity Recruitment (PER) is a small business employing 30 people in central London. In 2015 the business was in the process of moving offices and ordered a new service from BT with an estimated installation time of six weeks.

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Now’s The Time To Fix Britain’s Internet

Jeroen Hoencamp (Vodafone);
Dido Harding (TalkTalk);
Stephen van Rooyen (Sky)

Together we supply the internet to millions of people across the country, and this means that we’re reliant on the national broadband network — Openreach —which is owned by BT. This is why we have launched a campaign to give millions more frustrated users the chance to make their voices heard in the debate about the future of Openreach.

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Have Your Say To Help Fix Britain’s Internet

Dido Harding, Chief Executive Officer, TalkTalk

Fast, reliable broadband is becoming an increasingly crucial part of our everyday lives - from sharing stories and watching our favourite shows, to studying for school or looking for a job.

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The UK Shouldn't Lag Behind The Rest Of The Gaming World

James Hogg and Dan Kerr

"If everyone had the same speed you wouldn’t have to watch other people lag whilst playing games. You would have better gameplay with everyone." – James Hogg, Gamer, York

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