Demand better internet for Britain's communities.

We want to thank everyone who responded to Ofcom’s consultation on Openreach. Thanks to you, just over 103,000 responses were sent and we’re now a step closer to fixing Britain’s internet.

Now that the consultation has closed, Ofcom will now review all the responses it received before making its decision on the future of the country’s broadband network. We'll be pushing for a fast, effective outcome and we'll keep you updated here with any news.

Thanks again for making your voice heard. Together we can Fix Britain's Internet.


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5 things you need to know

About the campaign

Fix Britain's Internet is a campaign that aims to fight for the best possible internet for Britain's communities. The campaign was started by an industry coalition comprising Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and the Federation of Communication Services - and we're growing every day.

We represent millions of consumers and businesses who rely on Openreach, but are let down every day, struggling to get the internet speeds they need. Together, we're asking Ofcom to be brave and make the radical changes needed to create an Openreach that delivers the broadband Britain deserves.

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