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Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is relatively new to the domestic broadband market. Let Broadband Essentials explain satellite broadband and help you choose the right satellite broadband provider...

Satellite broadband utilizes a satellite to transmit data and a receiver to receive data.

Recent statistics show that 250,000 homes can't get fixed line broadband (BBC Online). Homes and businesses more than 4km from the exchange won't be able to get 2 Mbps, and as a result 3 million homes can't get 2 Mbps (Samknows). According to a recent government survey 9% of UK households are still on dial-up, and 4% of rural homes aren't within reach of broadband services according to EU stats.

For these people the only available way to get broadband is to get Satellite broadband, either because their local telephone exchange has not had ADSL enabled or they are too far from the exchange to receive broadband.

Satellite broadband requires users to have a satellite dish and because satellite broadband is not as popular as ADSL or cable, the costs of satellite broadband are usually more expensive. Also users of satellite broadband may find their broadband service affected during severe weather conditions.

Additionally, there are two types of satellite broadband; 1-way and 2-way. 1-way only allows users to download via satellite and any upload has to be done via dial-up. 2- way allow users to both download and upload via satellite.

All of these broadband packages are designed for use with 2-way satellite broadband.

Satellite Broadband packages

Tooway Satellite Broadband

Tooway 6 Broadband

Tooway 8 Broadband

Tooway 10 Broadband

Tooway 10+ Broadband

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